Is this a software issues?

So when I print something, and it finishes printing the screen goes from English to Chinese characters. When I go into settings and press English, the screen then freezes and I have to turn the printer off and then back on again. Then when I try to print the next file it warms up and then nothing prints.

Any idea what would cause this, and a possible solution on fixing this?

Using a Creality Ender 5 Plus
Running Tiny Machine.


I am not a huge fan of a lot of the custom firmwares such as tiny machines for the exact reason you have specified. If I will be installing my own firmware it will be strictly stock marlin and I will configure it how I would like it to be configured. With all of these partly/fully pre-made 3rd party firmwares you never quite know what will happen, I have seen everything from small errors such as what you are describing all the way to catastrophic errors causing a dead printer.

With all of this in mind it doesn’t mean that every one of these firmwares is bad, but personally I would rather not take the risk, especially when the benefits of using these custom firmwares is limited to none.

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So what would you recommend , and how do I go about fixing this issue?


Personally I would just go back to the stock firmware, was there anything you were running the tiny machines firmware specifically for?

Here is a link to the creality firmware for the printer: Ender-5 Plus Software& Firmware Download - Creality 3D Printer

If you need any help with flashing it just let me know!

The Touchscreen runs a separate system that saves all the data in the mainboard, including the language settings. If it can’t keep the data, it will be one of these situations:

  1. Different firmware versions on the TS and MB.
  2. End of life of the Touchscreen (more likely by my experience as a technician).
  3. End of life of the MB.
  4. Defective cable or loose connector.
  5. Bad/corrupted SD-Card - Some firmware - TM included - will save the settings on the SD-Card instead of the EEPROM.

So I need to flash the current firware first before i can reinstall the original creality firmware?

No you should just need to flash the creality firmware. I would keep what @Tiago said in mind as this could very well be a possibility.

So I tried to go back to the factory settings. I followed these steps:

Display firmware update:
1. Format the TF card on the computer side, and select 4096 for the allocation unit size.
2. Put the file “DWIN_SET” into the TF card.
3. Turn off the printer and insert the TF card into the card slot on the back of the screen.
4. Reboot and wait for the update to finish.
5. After finishing the update, remove the TF card and delete the files inside.

But nothing happened.

Did you make sure to also update the firmware for the screen? Often times if the screen is not updated nothing will appear.

Did you also flash the mainboard with the .hex file from the same zip archive as the dwin_set? I usually upload the hex file through Prusa Slicer.