Issues with printing adhesion 3D Max PLA + Filament


After working on some modifications to my Creality Ender 3 Pro I am starting to print on it again. Did some test prints with standard PLA and was able to print out a phone holder with it with little issues with adhesion to the build plate or printing issues in general.

However, I am now trying to print something much larger with PLA + (I need it to be a bit stronger, but PETG feels like overkill) and am having an issue with build plate adhesion. Attached is a photo of what it looked like when I stopped it, it seemed to have no problem putting down the skirt, but once it started printing the first layer for the box, it started pulling up and not adhering properly.

Was hoping for any suggestions or tips to help with this, or if you have had a similar issue and found a solution I would love to hear.

I am using a Wham Bam magnetic build plate that I am scuffed up with some steel wool and applied a gluestick too to help with adhesion. I am printing at 220 on the extruder and 65 on the build plate.

HI @KingOfGundams your skirt does look good but I think it may still be a little high. I noticed you have a BLtouch installed but can you confirm you have a G29 in your startup script as I can see a couple of places where its low and then high. its almost like the mesh bed leveling is not functioning.

At the same thought can you let me know what kind of temps you are printing? bed and nozzle?

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Just checked my printer settings in Cura, and I did add G29 to my startup script, I’ve attached the G-Code Startup and End script below. I was printing at 220 Celsius for the Nozzle and 65 Celsius for the bed.

your start script does look ok, weird that the front left corner looks way to tight.

Have you manually leveled the bed? wonder if its far enough out that the BLtouch cannot compensate?

Yep, I have manually leveled the bed

Looks like you have most of the big ones covered, Lets just try thing to eliminate the bed surface Would you be willing to try to print it on blue painters tape?

I know you had said PLA printed fine but the plus can sometimes be a bit finicky.

If the Blue tape doesn’t work with current settings try to up bed temp only to about 80 and retry.

I have also heard you need to keep the air movement around the printer to a min until the first layer or 2 are laid.

I see where Jason is driving too. I might suggest that you wash PEI bed in hot water with a detergent, not soap, like a laundry detergent. Detergents do not suds really and break down oils not break them up. Once cleaned dry it and try that. I find that after a while IPA cleaning isn’t enough and you need to use something different before returning to ipa. I have on my oldest PEI sheet needed to scuff the surface with 0000 steel wool.