Jade green ABS?

I had an idea that if I could find a nice dark green, ABS, a figurine printed with it, then vapour polished would look spectacular.
Only problem is, I can’t find any. I checked with all the usual Canadian suspects that I know (including our hosts here), no joy.

Anyone have any ideas where I could look, or has anyone seen something like this?



HI Andy, I like your thought process, Next step would be Jade translucent… Just a private thought.

I personally have not seen anything like that on the shelf since I have been working here. If it was going to be a volume thing I could get a colour match but they won’t do it for a one-off.

Does ProtoPasta do custom colours? Cannot think of anywhere you may be able to get it easily.


I have been discovering that. Thanks for the ideas, I can tell you “see” what I’m talking about (jade Yoda figure, anyone?)

I guess I’ll cast my net wider and see what I can find. I’ll update the topic if I find something.

I wonder if you pushed the “jade” idea, maybe it would be worth your while to get some made (don’t know what kind of volume that is)? You never know…. :thinking:

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Devil Design | producent filamentów do drukarek 3D they have a green ABS apple green similar. ratrig uses it for parts. Expensive and shipping could be brutal. Prusament has a dark green petg and a neon green petg.

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we used to carry a filament out of Que but the could not keep up with our volume, they had a really nice army green, was PLA but there are a lot of army green yodas floating around out there.

The other ones people would use are the Sakata oak and Maple

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The Operations Manager at Protopasta wrote back to me and said:

“ You’re thinking of the darker, almost emerald green? We’ve toyed with the idea for years of creating a simple jewel-tone translucent line (think Blood of My Enemies, but for all the colors). Hopefully soon?

Heidi DiJulio | Operations Manager”

So, maybe soon? :pray:

That’s awesome, it is a bit of a niche but would still get some people really excited. I would for sure try some of that, dark green and a deep blue

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