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New Noobie to 3D printing… still deciding on a printer. Leaning towards a CR-10 V3… Building a “print zone” in my office. Gathering tools, waiting on a table I ordered. I plan on going with Octoprint. I’m also retired and love to make things.

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Welcome Pelican Pines!

I would make a suggestion, look at a Prusa, they are super fun to assemble (the instructions are funny and easy to follow, other than the gummy bears numbers…)

Many Chinese printers need tuning or changes to work well these can be frustrating. Yes the Prusa is more but dropping 600$ on top of a bought printer changes the price point anyway.

Take a look make up your own decisions. My Prusa is stock and just about 2 years old and I have done almost nothing to it. My artillery is 3 months old and has been 80% REBUILT and cost just over 1000 total. The Prusa prints better and has zero frustration. I own a dead Tiko and modded mono price.

This is my advise based on my experience, the Prusa is just better.

The instructions and kit are the best I have ever seen, 30 years of being a technician I have looked at my fair share of manuals.

This is exactly why I didn’t jump in and just buy the first thing suggested to me.

I have been looking at the Prusa but can’t afford the MK3 at $750. I’m on a strict budget of $500 for the machine… I could sneak another $100 but the big # is not an option.

That said… the Prusa mini is an option and actually has been on my list of possibilities.

I’m a tinker’er so… I am not afraid of doing some trial and error and learning. I’m also a techy… into tools, programming, organizing projects.

If I wait… (which is hard)… I could come up with some extra cash to get the Prusa.MK3.