Just bought, A10M

So, I close-to-impulse bought a Geeetech A10M from eBay, ($250!). I’m still tweaking, modding a bit, but overall happy for the price so far. I need to flash Marlin 2.0, and work on getting the fan noise down a bit still.
Anyone else have one?

nice! you buy it working or “needing work”

Brand new! sealed box. I offered 249 and they took it right away…

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Oh wow , that extruder/hotend looks interesting. You have to post some pictures of the colour mixing in action once you get it running!

This was my first print - power on and slammed it out at 100mm/s, 0.2mm layers, just as a proof of concept, to confirm Gradient was working.
I called him Cappuccino the Ombre Dragon…


Oh thats cool! Not bad at all for a quick test. I really like the idea of gradient colours in prints.

I’m assuming if you wanted to do to fully seperate colours you would need to use a purge tower or similar?

yeah, exactly that. I did the first few lines of a 2 color print this morning to confirm. I imagine I’ll rig up a purge bucket,

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that just looks cool, is that machine known for doing gradient or just what you are using it for?

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Gradient, mixes, two colour prints, PLA/PVA… I’m digging into it all.
Finally got it tweaked in cherry.


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looks like you got a super good deal on that one, Nice!!

Well, I’ve heard this printer described as “High Effort for High Reward”, and that’s probably accurate, but tinkering, tweaking, and modding is what I like to do so it was a good fit.
Laundry list of tweaks, tinkers, and mods available on request…