Just joined hi from Burlington

Just joined hi there!

Have an ender 3 and currently building a voron 2.4


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Jason Harding

Have you got it built yet? Having fun with it? I’m currently looking at several different options for a 2nd printer and the Voron 2.4 is on the short list.

I do! It’s been amazing! Quite the effort to put together but great community and it’s a great printer


Looks awesome…

Did you source everything yourself or go with a kit that had the BOM already gathered?
I’m thinking I may go for the kit style where all the BOM are gathered rather than source everything myself.

I did source it all myself, I used the BOM and it took about 3 months for everything to come in.

thats awesome. I’ve been checking these out too and I like most of the parts. is it a lot faster than the run-of-the-mill cheapo printers?

Its on my list to replace the sidewinder I bought, maybe in the winter.

well in that case maybe I’ll have a look at the BOM today I may already have some of the parts, I already use INA rails, I don’t like using that aluminum extrusion though, I have some samples from Bosch I think but it would be 2x2" I used in one job 20 years ago.

I’m printing pretty consistently at 120mm/s and my acceleration is 7500mm/s. It’s super fast and quality is pretty decent!


Fast that is on fire! I’d love to see your print quality at 120mm/s and my acceleration is 7500mm/s!!!

well I have some things but the rails are all 9mm on these so not much good to me. How thick is your tooling plate for the bed?

I notice these don’t use Marlin and have their own leveling scheme. So I was glad to see it uses a tooling plate because they rely on the plate being perfect. Do you find the leveling to be good? I’m pretty happy with my Bltouch and unified bed leveling with the way it’s been working lately.

Can you compare Kilpper to Marlin? I’m kinda thinking Kliper is better but don’t really know anything. They didn’t seem to cut many corners on the rest of the design so I think they used Klipper for reason.

I use a 9mm tooling plate and a spring steel sheet. Klipper is honestly great as there’s some functions to remove resonance and input shaping even if you don’t have 2209’s. Leveling took a bit of learning but I went from manual bed leveling to quad gantry leveling and an inductive probe bed mesh. It’s been perfect once you figure it out and the plate I find doesn’t have any warp in it.

9mm, never bought a metric one before. I want to stay with spring steel too. It would be hard to warp that plate. They are made to stay flat. I want to go 400x 400mm though I see the design is supposed to be good until 350x350 so I wonder if the extra would cost me some speed or stability. I could build it all on a granit surface plate too if mass is an issue. About how heavy is yours?

I built mine on granite, the plate was pretty heavy about 20-25 lbs for a cast aluminum tool plate. tests from people in the community larger v2’s begin to suffer speed and quality but one person went as large as 1040mmx1040mm. so take that as you will. Mine is 305x305