[Kickstarter] Sunlu S4 filaments dryer

Here comes our latest Kickstarter project about S4 filaments dryer. If you are interested, you can check out the project at https://www.sunlu.com/en-ca/pages/su…ament-dryer-s4

Tired of failed prints from wet filaments? The SUNLU S4 is the perfect solution for keeping your 3D printing filaments refreshing and dry for optimal print quality.This compact and affordable dry box uses efficient thermoelectric technology to maintain steady low humidity levels. The built-in humidity sensor lets you monitor conditions in real-time on the clear LED display. S4 is suitable for common PLA, PLA+ filament, ABS, PETG, and any other filaments.

Key Features Of The SUNLU S4:

  1. Holds up to 4 spools of 1KG filament
  2. Worry-free with Auto Humidity control
  3. Low noise operation for any workspace
  4. Safe auto shut-off if overheate

Keep your filament dry and prints strong by backing the SUNLU S4 on Kickstarter. The early bird specials are limited, so act fast to get the best deal on the S4. You’ll be amazed at how much better your prints turn out.