Klipper users help tips and tricks

so just installed fluid instead of octoprint running klipper there’s some new settings that help calibrate for ringing you can also put an accelerometer on your hotend area that will actually calibrate for you that’s the next step I’ll be doing love this firmware would never go back To Marlin

Just to be clear: this is running on a Raspberry Pi? I’m confused because you mentioned Marlin and as far as I’m aware, Marlin only runs on the controller.

it runs on a raspberry Pi but you still need the firmware on the board as well and no it isn’t Marlin firmware on there not on the board or the raspberry Pi it’s klipper there’s lots of YouTube videos I’ll find some in a little bit

I am interested in Klipper but with only one printer that is working without any issues I’m a bit reluctant to flash my controller board. (original creality 8bit board for the ender 3pro)

Would you recommend using FluidPi? I already have OctoPi installed and setup…

I suppose if I have issues I can always re-flash with marlin…

This decision would be so much easier if I had a 2nd printer… I guess the best way to move forward is to get another printer :crazy_face:

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Yes FluidPI will make the process rather easy. You’ll still need to flash the Ender 3 board from the terminal using SSH. Check in the Klipper installation tutorial how to flash it. Once this is done, you’ll need to create your Printer.cfg file in fluidd web page.

Something like this should help you:

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[Upload thank you very much for posting this hope people want to give it a try I would not recommend it for a beginner user though

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Thanks for posting this guide. looks rather straight forward

PJprincefpv… Do you have a working printer.cfg you could post as a starting point. Much appreciated

What printer are you running?

Ender 3 pro with micro-swiss hotend