Kywoo Tycoon Max

Selling my Tycoon Max, purchased in November 2022, Minor clog in nozzle. I am located near 3D printing Canada shop so could do drop off or pick up, and or ship accordingly.

Looking for $250 , I have 2 available. Thanks!

Hey Taj, Kywoo still available?

Yes, they both are still available!

I’m in Timmins so shipping might be involved if I can’t find someone to pickup. They are both Maxes correct? Deal if I buy both? Just to have parts in case.

Ok great, I am in Hamilton, ON near bayfront Park. Shipping can be arranged/ or pick up of course.
Both units are Tycoon Max’s correct.

I can offer both for $475.

I hope that helps

KK, let me talk it over with the boss lol, ill get back to ya. thanks

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