Large format 2 color printers

I asked the same question about a large format 2 color printer before. I want to thank the great people who responded. We did not get an answer but you folks are great.
I have found an IDEX printer that used Bowden tube print heads. It looks like it might move the print heads out of each others way. I’m not sure. The printer is a WEEDO X40. I have never heard of the printer or the company. Does anyone know either the printer or the company (good or bad)? Thanks again Jim

That’s awsome, @AJ-3D glad you got something that works for you.

After you have used it for a while post up how you found the printer so others may find out about your experience.

Hello there,

I have not heard of this brand, or of this specific printer before. That being said looking at it online people seem to be pretty happy with it.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the input. I have been checking the web and can not find much good or bad. I’ll keep checking.