Laser engraver not cutting acrylic, need help

So, I bought my Creality Laser Falcon and it can cut wood perfectly, but I need it to cut acrylic, but when I try to cut it barely leaves a mark. I have it at max power and it still does nothing. I adjust the laser height so it is closer to the material, and still nothing. I slow the speed down. Still nothing. Is there anything I am doing wrong? I really need this laser to cut acrylic, but it is just not working.

What color acrylic?

Funny I was going to say the exact same thing,
Clear does not cut well on a laser, I was told the coloured stuff cuts best.

Clear will not cut or engrave with a diode laser.
If you can see through it, forget about it.
Black will work, and some colors. Blue or anything close probably will not work.
It needs to be opaque to even try.

Well that sucks. I need it to cut clear acrylic or I do not need it at all. Guess this is not something I can use. What could I use instead? Is there anything that might be better than a laser?

CO2 laser or a scroll saw.

can you recommend any? Would this one be good for what I want?

I do not have a CO2 laser, so I can’t really give you any advice on one. But that one will only cut 3mm anything. Seems pretty weak if cutting is what you want it for.

Maybe one of the desktop cnc machines that are available on Amazon in the price range of the co2 laser that you referenced. You have to do a bit of research though for an all metal frame. Most are grbl controlled like your laser module and can be plugged into the controller.