Last order woes

Hey guys,

Never got a reply via email.

I received your email with specials on filament and ordered 5 rolls of Petg. Open the first spool and start to print, well tried to. Spool needed to be dried big time. As i pop open another spool i realised it did not suck in any air so was not air tight and remembered that the first spool did not do this either. Tried the second spool anyway but it to needed to be dried. 3 hours in the dryer fixed the issue but still not cool that a new roll of filament would need to be dried.

A white petg also needs to be dried but not as bad. I have not tried the metal infused PLA yet.

in my experience PETG always needs to be dried. vacuum sealed or not. I dry everything now. just not worth the hassle.

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Kind of counter productive to vacuum seal the package then.

I rarely dry mine, I rarely have issues. (I typically use Can maker brand) But wow that second image that is terrible! Really bad.

We are very sorry this has happened to you unfortunately once in a while we do get rolls that might have got some moisture in them send an email to ,And he will take care of you


FYI it is very common for retail rolls to be pulled from industrial sized ‘bulk’ rolls. Under these conditions the large roll is exposed to unknown environmental conditions before it is vacuumed sealed and packaged for sale. It is unfortunate but is just part of the landscape. It is not really a reflection of the retailer at all it is somewhat uncontrollable. This is one of the differences between ‘premium brands’ and value ones. An example of a company like Prusa that makes their own filament, they dry and roll the filament and vacuum seal all in short order. This is very unlikely to be wet. You pay extra for the product. Filaments shipped from the orminalcountry of origin in large bank kg rolls and then is broken down and re packaged is lower cost but is more variable in moisture.

Personally I buy both premium brands (Prusa, formfutura, etc) and lower cost brands, (house brand of retailers like 3DPC) I find there to be little differences between the way they print, the differences I see are moisture content, colour variants, and wrapping. At a certain point you need to accept that lower value filaments may need drying and roll to roll might not be the same.

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Here is added characters because minimum… although all i wanted to say was Understood.

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I have to agree especially when it comes to PLA Personally only print with nylon and up the ladder from nylon So all my filaments have to be dried for 24 hours before I even use them

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