Layer issues, Ender 3v2

I’m not sure how to solve this.
I replaced the tube, cleaned out the hot end, replaced the nozzle.
I appreciate the help.

have you calibrated your extruder?

It looks like under extrusion. Did it suddenly happen or did you make a change to something or ha it been an issue all along?

Good morning.
It happened all of a sudden.

Is this a new filament for you? Or new slicer?

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That typically isn’t a calibration issue. @Dr.Marvin I see where they are going. I agree has anything changed?

I am assuming there is no clog you have already checked. Yes?

Are the extruder gears slipping?

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The extruder calibration was off but the problem still persists.

I’ve levelled the bed multiple times and the filament comes out like this.

Any thoughts?

I really appreciate your help.

The first pictures look like under extrusion. These new ones look like adhesion issues. That bed looks similar to my Sidewinder. I tend to use a thin layer of glue stick to help. It might be worth a try.

You have calibrated the nozzle to bed ?

I don’t think you did the nozzle change correctly.
When changing a nozzle or fixing a clog, unscrew coupler on top of heatbreak and remove the PTFE tube.
Double check the the tube isn’t melted and is actually cut flat.
When changing the nozzle make sure there is a small cap between nozzle and hot block (about a finger nail) when reassembled. Make sure to heat tighten at about 230 degrees.
Screw PTFE coupler all the way in, then back off about 1 turn. Push PTFE tube all the way down to the nozzle, insert clip in to top of coupler then tighten. This makes sure of good seating of the PTFE to the nozzle.

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