Layer shift in the exact same spot?

Hello, hope I can get some guidance;

Two prints in a row and had a layer shift in the exact same spot, I do not believe it’s the stl, I printed this stl at 100% that was too big, scaled down to 90% and here we are…

It could be the slicer, just angle the stl on the bed in the slicer, say 15 degrees see if that helps. Slicers are not infallible.

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Neat, I’ll give it a try👍

This printed just fine, I did what was suggested and started up the print, guess we will see in the morning :+1:

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Well, that seemed to work👍

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I found that lowering the Jerk helped with mine… Only happened on certain prints, and reducing jerk in the slicer fixed the problem.


Thanks. I feel there is so much I need to learn about the slicers, I’ve spent too much time on mechanical issues