LCD screen and black spots

Hello Everyone

I have a LD-002R, its been going great and been super happy, but my lcd screen looks like its having an issue with black spots.

Is there anyway I can fix this? If not where is the best place to get a replacement part? Which parts or manufactures work, or would it only be creality made ones?

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As far as I know there’s nothing that can be done to fix it. Mind you, it’s just cosmetic, so unless it’s covering an area you absolutely need to read, you can safely ignore it.

As for replacements, check 3DPC’s site. I have no idea what LCD module that printer uses under the covers.

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I end up with holes all the way through my models unless i print in areas where there is no black spots.

Since it is in the middle this means I can only print small things.

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I think Lego mistook your photo for a printer LCD and not the LCD from below a resin vat on an SLA printer. I did too at first then I saw the weird (for FDM) lead screw coupler placement

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Yeah its an SLA not FDM. The black spots are in the LCD.

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It’s funny. I noticed the lead screw coupler too and just assumed it was an odd place to mount an display screen, but hey, I’ve never heard of that printer so who am I to judge?

So now that I’m clear that it’s a resin printer, (which I’m even less familiar with), I would take it that the photo is of the [insert proper name here] part that cures the resin? i.e. it’s the UV source?

If so, then, as far as I know, resin printers work by producing a constant UV light source that cures (solidifies) the resin wherever the resin comes in contact with the UV light. As far as I’m aware, there is only one continuous UV light source and the light is “turned off” by blocking it with an LCD screen onto which is displayed a negative image of the layer being produced. LCD’s work by applying a small voltage to a matrix of tiny crystals which rotate in proportion to the voltage applied to them. Those crystal can then either not interfere with light or block it depending on the design.

If I’m correct so far, the black spots are areas where the crystal lattice has been physically damaged and are no longer rotating. You can’t fix it and there is no work-around.

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Looks like this issue. I’d contact support and squeek until they replace it! The 3D community needs to hold printer companies responsible for the products.


Yeah I’m in contact with customer support and complaining. They have asked for my delivery detail so I’m hopeful that they send me a replacement.


An update, I received an email from customer support that they will be shipping me the part.

I’ll update when I get it. Now to learn how to install it.


I’d love to know what the underlying cause is.

Is it being heated by the UV lamps beneath it? If so, it might benefit from a fan blowing air across the lights (if it doesn’t already have one).

Is it being caused by impacts of the model being lowered too far? Or, perhaps, a piece of support material that fell off and got pinned between the model and the screen?

I wonder about that because of this; …


… caused by something that fell against my monitor.

It’s clear from the video, previously posted by @kitedemon, that this is not an isolated incident.

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To be honest I’m not sure. Its definitely possible that something happened with a support or something fell. I’m pretty good about keeping it clean but who knows.

But it seems pretty common.

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So I just got my replacement screen.

I have to say there customer support was great they just asked what my address is and sent it, no questions asked.

I’m impressed.

Now I have to install it.

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The saga continues. Looks like the screen they sent was damaged, no obvious damage but once I got it installed you could see it.

You can see the foil though has a nic in it.

I wrote them and they are sending yet another this time in better packaging. So yay

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boo that is very frustrating!

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Yeah, but they are being really good about it so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to fix it.


So I got a new screen a couple of weeks ago. I installed it and it now works again!!

Creality was great about helping me out.