LCD Screen Cracked

I am looking to buy new LCD for creality LD-002H as old one is cracked and print will have impact.
Creality send me link for LD-002R and its not same i do see some third part on Aliexress but so far no luck in local market in Canada …any leads to buy in Canada ?

They are on order from Creality and should be available at 3D Printing Canada:
Shipping was delayed due to the Chinese New Year.

what should be the cost to replace?

They were $80 CAD or so

Did it come with a screen protector?

These guys are in Calgary I believe, and they show 10 in stock currently.

Bought Second one from Creality and that also came with cracked screen…now i have two collectible.
Waiting for creality to respond. or i will file CC dispute.