LD-002H Week Old

Hello There

Just curious on if others with this printer having similar issues. I was printing a multi piece figure I printed the legs and head in the same job. The Legs came out clean no issues but the head seemed to have a layer issue possibly didn’t stick right out something seemed to shift Normally I would just chalk this up as a fail and reprint (which I did and moved the position as didn’t need to reprint the legs) and worked great.

Then came another long print. (9hrs) a chain it started in the same spot as the original failed head did and seemed to have the similar issue about layer 100 or so. but the rest is flawless looks great just one or two layers messed up and off it goes.

The things I’m noticing is the top left and bottom right after long prints have a partially cured resin in those corners even though nothing in that area was to print.

From what I’ve been reading the LD-002H has a light leaking issue and is suggested to reduce the power to the UV module with a buck convertor. Have anyone heard and done this with good results? I have buck convertors but not really wanting to modify a brand new printer.

Mainly using default settings Chitbox 1.9, 3s ET, 20s BET, 5 layers. When I print in the center everything seems fine (except for the blobs that form in the corners)

So, this could be the result of a few things. First things first version 1.9 is no good, i recommend 1.8.
Also drop you exposure down to 15s, base layers should be 4, and 2.5 a layer. Can you email a screenshot of the failed part in your software? jeff@3dprintingcanada.com

Make sure your object is at a 40 degree angle and supported properly.