Lead Screw Size?

What is the size of the lead screw please as in photo? I am sure I am missing one.

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What printer exactly is that for? Most of the creality printers use the same size of lead screw but I would like to make sure before I recommend one to you.


My mistake i think everyone has an Ender 3! Thank you.

Perish the thought.

? Perish the thought ?

I guess the best way to respond is that not everybody would consider having an Ender 3, even for their first printer.

How come you say that?

there are a lot of printers on the market. creality printers are not well known for good tech support, good RandD, QC, or high quality parts. This is why so many massively alter the printers to correct some of the issues.

Many would not chose to start with a tool that suffers these issues. Monoprice, Prusa, Bambu just for example could be better choices as they tend to work better out of the box.

Not familiar with this printer but it appears that it is designed for one lead screw. You can upgrade with this I believe.

Hope this helps

Yes this is correct!

Unless I misunderstood @garyogden1957uk original statement. The ender 3 only comes with 1 leadscrew so you will have to upgrade to the dual z-axis kit. The printer is completely usable without the second leadscrew, but you will have to make sure that your v-wheels are properly tightened. The second z-axis can help to cut out some of the slop that could be present in the x-axis without the upgrade.

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I’ve had an Ender 3 pro for two years or so. If you take the time to assemble it properly (everything square, etc), and don’t assemble it in two hours while you’re drinking beer (like most of the YT assembly videos) - it s a very capable printer. Regular service makes a difference too.
Just my two cents

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Alignment and squareness is the key to a successful build for any printer although I find the use of a single Z axis screw an odd design. To me you are always dragging the opposite side along. However the movement is slow so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Hasn’t been a problem. I’ve thought of going to dual-z to facilitate a direct drive extruder because I miss printing flexible filaments.
I’ve resisted, because then, I would also want to add rapid tool change to it. Lotsa :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: though :confused:

I’m not familiar with rapid tool change in relation to 3d printers only cnc machines. $$$ are a stumbling block on any project.

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Ah the never ending struggle to improve a printer.

At least you have the willpower to ignore it! Your all too lucky my friend :rofl:


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Here’s the one I’ve been looking at. Not automatic, but still pretty cool.
There are a couple automatic ones I have seen, but they are definitely out of my price range. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mutant Tool Changer

These are very cool indeed!

The thing I love about these as well is that they are fully customizable to fit your exact needs! I have been debating getting some of these for a build as well, I have seen lots of cool projects done with these things!


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