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Hello Everyone, Semper Fi to my fellow Marines,

My son got a Vivedino Troodon, it has the original extruder with a new Phaeus ST (spelling) hotend.
We have to slow down the extruder to about 50% to keep the extruder from jumping.
It has the original hotend fan and we were wondering if it is keeping the hotend too cool?
Can that fan speed be turned down?
I plan on getting a Laser Temp gun to make sure the tip is getting up to temp.

Is there anything else I can do or check, any thoughts?

Thankful for any help we can get,

HI @Boot

Thanks for posting up, Glad to have you here.

The quickest way I would troubleshoot that one is to slow down the print speed. Put the extruder back to 100%. If this also eliminates the problem. then you are looking at some type of heat issue.

Don’t think of it as too cool, you can never really have that, think of it that the heat on the filament is not hot enough. I know it’s a little different way of thinking but the troubleshooting will be easier.

Essentially you want the cooling tower to be as cool as possible, It will help you in the long run by keeping the heat below the break.

Let me get a couple of the first questions out of the way first. What filament are you printing, PLA, PETG, TPU? what are your temps currently set at? Bed and nozzle. What speeds are you slicing for? (mm/Sec). Do you see your temp change through the print very often, You may see a deg once in a while but nothing more than that.

I am suspecting immediately a couple of things, Printing too fast, Temp too low, Blockage in the throat, Hotend assembly issue, Improper trimmed guide tube, Tension on extruder not tight enough, and Stripped screws in the extruder mount.

If it was working with the original hot end and the only change is the new hot end, did you change the heater and thermostat as well? Did you PID tune after you changed them?

Sorry, I know its a lot of questions just trying to get a good idea of whats going on.

Hello Jason,
Thanks for the quick reply, this is driving us crazy.
I agree that the hotend isn’t getting hot enough it just doesn’t flow nice.

  1. PLA
  2. 225 for tip, 60 for bed
  3. Yes I do see the temp change, kinda back and forth
  4. I adjusted the print tube length was too long
  5. I looked at extruder marks on the filament and could see good teeth marks
  6. No stripped screws
  7. I don’t know if it is a new heater but I did notice the heater is sticking out of both sides
  8. I’m not sure what PID tune is

Thank you, I hope I shed some more light on the subject

If you do a search on youtube for PID tube Duet Wifi you will find all kinds of videos on it. I would look at these first before you actually do it. just so you know what is going to happen.

Once you start the process do not leave the printer until it’s done, When doing the PID tune process all safety mechanisms are temporally disabled on it until the process is done.

Essentially the PID tune process is the calibration of the thermistor and the heater cartridge to work nicely together. if you are seeing a variation of more than a deg then this is more than likely the core of the issue.

225 is really high for PLA, this is also telling me the temp tables are out as that temp is high for PLA. I would expect it to print for a lighter colour somewhere about 210. This again is saying the PID tune is off.

Do you mind posting up a copy of your config.g file here and let me have a look, I can see if anything else jumps out at me as being a potential issue.