LED Lamps this time! :p Latest two designs!

Hi everyone!

Happy new year!!! :slight_smile: Wishing you the best! Hope everybody’s fine! :slight_smile:

Those are my latest designs. I bought some LEDs to try a couple of things, and those are the first designs that came out…

Both models are 100% support free. They will be online tomorrow.

As usual, your comments are more than welcome! A lot of good tips/ideas were submitted here, and i’m always pleased to read them!!! :slight_smile:



I love the UFO :slight_smile: aaaand more 20 character padding required.

Well, those are awesome as always.

Since you’re asking for feedback I really looked at them for a while and there was only one idea I could think of.
On the ufo it might be cool if the light beam that was coming down had vertical banding on it. I was thinking maybe if the cone had strips running up the inside that were thicker plastic it would break up the light in an interesting way.
Not sure if that makes sense, but kind of like how “god rays” have shafts of light when the sun is coming through the clouds just right.

It looks cool as is, I was just searching for something as you asked.


I second the banding idea. In fact, you could make a lithopane out of it of people being “beamed up”


i agree with you both.
In pictures its really hard to see, but there’s a spiral going all the way down the beam and i have put a paper cone inside to add a “milky” effect in the center of the beam…

Altought in the pictures it doesnt show, (its always soooo hard to take bright light in pictures) in real life the effect is pretty neat!

looks like this inside


i’ll try your idea. I’ll remove the paper inside, try to add a second (smaller, thicker) tube in the middle to give a “center beam effect”. And see if i can do something wih a litho!!! :slight_smile: Think it will be great and hilarious! :sweat_smile: Thank you again guys! :slight_smile:

WIP! :rofl:

Made me grin just looking at it.

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OMG that’s awesome!!!

Nice Idea guys, I love it

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I definitely approve of the guy on the bike getting sucked up.

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Took me 4 tries to get something nice. Happy with this one.
The first one was a white lithophane (cone shaped) inside the yellow one… Didnt worked at all…
Second one was the same thing but with a bigger inner cone… was barely able to see the image…
The third one was a single lithophane, no outer cone, with the image embossed outside. Nice, but didnt like the effect when not in use…
The last one is a cone lithophane again, but with the image in the inside instead. When the light is off, it appears as a simple yellow cone… But when its on, beamed people appear magically! :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:
I still have a paper cone inside, to miminize the bright points the led string is making here and there.
I also love the blurry effect of the beam… lol.


That was definitely worth the effort. It looks fantastic.

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I love this. Awesome!

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that is just perfect you are going to get lots of downloads on that one.

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Thank you all! :slight_smile: This is exactly why im posting here! I Love the ideas you are submitting and the ambiance of this forum is always friendly!

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

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You forgot to include a cow for all the UFO/cattle mutilation conspiracy nuts.

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That is very cool. I love this design. Well done.

Love the Cow Idea, that’s awesome