Legomaniac Hits 1000 posts :D

So i missed catching @LEGOManiac at his 999th post, to make this and capture his 1000th.

Regardless i see his input into this forum as invaluable. Offering detailed answers, and being exceptionally helpful.

If hes helped you with something, or you appriciated something hes said, come congratulate one of the most active members here.


So id like to be the first in saying Thanks @LEGOManiac for all you have done here, and to keep picking your brain as this community grows.

Wow. Thanks. I wasn’t keeping track. In fact, until you mentioned it a week or two ago, I wasn’t even aware of how to keep track of that statistic. It’s funny, though, that this last week, I’ve been struggling with a print in PETG that I finally had to abandon and use PLA for. It served as a reminder for me of how little I’ve learned in the last year, given that I rarely dare to step out of my PLA comfort zone. I’ll post more on the PETG issues in another thread, however.

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