Let me introduce myself

I’m not exactly new to 3D printers. I have managed for the last two years using printers owned by friends, the public library and a local maker space. Occasionally I’ve used a pay-for-service (especially one with a large format printer).

My background is electronics (graduated college almost 40 years ago), with a specialty in industrial control. I got involved in the Arduino world and enjoy designing my own products. My use of 3D printing is to make custom mounts and enclosures.

I am new to this forum because I ordered my first printer 4 days ago (from 3d Printing Canada). I anxiously await the delivery.

Hi Tim, great to have you here!

Welcome to the community, I remember my first printer… they have certainly come a long way since then!

If you ever have any questions we are always here to help you out, here we all believe that there are no stupid questions, so never hesitate to ask!