Levelling Bed wheels

How far down should your nozzle be as when trying to level for the first time my wheels are getting very loose as they feel like they are about to come off? I did an auto Home. It’s like something is too high/too low?

What printer do you have?

Ender 3 sorry.

Have you read this?

Thank you very much I will try it. I have watched several videos so I can go back and watch them. I am guessing the nozzle should be closer to the bed before trying to level it? As I said the wheels get very loose.

Scratch the videos! Read the text!

ok! I will.

I can read!!!

Div head why be nasty?

If a pictures worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million.

Nope! Totally disagree!

I just want to level my bed!

Are you using just the Z limit switch or do you have a BL or CR touch?
If the wheels are getting loose try to lower your switch if that is what you have.
If you are using a BL, it takes a bit more fiddling around, but can be done.

Let us know and just ignore the useless verbal diarrhea from some people.

Tighten the wheels down so the springs are nearly fully compressed but not quite, then adjust the nozzle so it is a sheet of paper off the centre of the bed. Level the bed again.

P.S. If you are still using the original springs (useless) get rid of them and use strong ones (Cheap on Amazon) or maybe even those silicon thingies.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

I swapped out the springs for the silicon spacers on my Ender5 pro and that made a difference

Keep this in mind, not all “How To Guides” mention this. You do not want the springs bar tight closed and you do not want them too loose. If you have the bed springs loose the bed moves a little affecting quality and if you have them too tight you risk damage from the nozzle if it drops down and the bed has no drop in it. A little closer to tight in the total movement from loose to bar tight is good.