Levelling issues

The left side of my printer seems off, I have manually and auto levelled the bed. I have the ender 5plus. It all looks good, but when I go to print the nozzle is no longer touching the bed from about between the back to corners to the side between the left two corners of the bed. Any tips or advice how to fix?

Assuming it didn’t come this way something has changed. First check to see if everything is tight and not damaged. After that is the bed structure still square.

yes check the bed! I went crazy trying to tram a bed with a 2mm warp.

Can things be too tight?

Belt tension and wheel adjustment can be to tight. belts should have a bit of “twang” and wheels should be adjusted do that the wobble in the bed is just eliminated. Excess tightening will bind things up and wear them out faster.

I just viewed your pictures of printing petg in blue and white with an Ender v2 and Ender 5plus. One picture it looked like a problem I had when my y-axis concentric nuts were too loos(Ender 3) , allowing too much wobble in the bed.

So I am trying to tighten the wheels but I have one eccentric but that won’t tighten it just keeps turning, what am I doing wrong?

Could it be stripped?

Ya it sounds like it is FUBARed. They can be replaced.