Light for ender 3 v2

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody knows of a relatively close to plug and play light for the ender 3 v2. Tired of carrying around a flashlight.

Hello Joephobia,

I’ve just used 24V LED strips and power directly from PSU.

I’ll just use a common, 2 position rocker, to control LED’s
DPST Double position, Single Throw.

There are LED strips that are narrow enough (and sticky-tape backed) that they will fit inside the 2020 linear rail groove without interfering with the wheels.

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Thanks Keith,

I will definitely look into it. I was more so hoping there was an out of the box option, but if I have to make something, is what it is.


I will see if I can find those. Any suggestions on where to look?

I bought these: Ultra Flexible White LED Strip - 480 per meter - 5m long [Warm White ~3000K] ID: 4840 - $49.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

There are cheaper ones out there but the lights are more widely spaced so they don’t provide as an even light source at close distances. Also, these can be cut into 3cm sections to suit your needs.