Lightning infill (PLA)

as only a couple months 3d printer…; i was until now using gyroid infill at 15% , for no particular rational reason that i recall;
then as these are all ornamental prints, i switched to 10 %;
as i watched the prints i always was a bit concerned that the infill “work” (which i kept at 200 mm/s even tho my printer profile defaults to 350) was undoubedly over-wearing my printer parts; just too much motion, too much jerking;
so i found the lightning infill;
game changer
my 350 mm tall raven citadel went from 321 grams filament used to 195; time went from 26:57 to 24:20;
and then of course there is that reduction of working stress on the printer parts using the gyroid infill;
i need say it is positively weird watching the lightning infill; to see stringing on the infill;
think of lightning infill as tree supports that are permanent inside the print