Liqcreate Tough-X part warpage?

I like that it has a little flexibility but an trying to print a long, thin tube and it’s “warping” a bit, ie: the tube is flattening somewhat and becoming oblong.

Any other resin that has a little give but prints better?

hey @Tiki welcome!

Chris P from the team will reply to you by tomorrow with some info - hes used this material many times before.

What printer are you printing this on? What are your settings?


Thanks for the reply!

I’m using an Anycubic Photon Mono SE with the 50um settings here:

That tube is supposed to be straight. I just separated the part from the base and it’s as soft as a wet noodle!


Tough X, like the flexible X needs heavy supports and other orientation techniques as per their article here: How to process and choose the best flexible 3D-printing resin?

They have a section on hollow objects also


Great thanks, I’ll try that.