Liquicrete composite X

Hey everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has experience using liqurete composite X resin? It is the one with ceramic particles. I am making a part that needs to withstand 130 ft/lbs of force.

Please hit me up with any user experience, print times, curing process and length, or another resin i might want to try. I have used the whole line of siratech and it keeps breaking. Orignal part was molded with nylon.

Thanks a bunch

@Brnbar01 I have no experience with resins. I am very interested to hear the answers. I have a single comment and you are likely aware. The design can add or subtract strength and ofter the original part is made for a different process and can be altered. Something to keep in mind.

@chris.p uses it all the time and its fantastic.

What printer, what exposure etc…

Do you have a profile on lychee you want to share?

Hi ive teached out to @chis.p and let him know you are looking for his assistance

Thanks Jason.


I have only printed with the composite X on the Creality LD-006 using their recommended settings. I didn’t really use supports as the parts were designed a certain way. I cant speak to the exposure settings for your machine but I would try maybe a larger ball tip on the support ends where it meets the model. might give a better hold instead of pulling off and sticking to the FEP

Let us know!


I got in contact with liqucreate and they went above and beyond! Helped me dial this in. The main things were slowing everything down and upping the exposures. Working great, now.