Lithophane boxes


Nicely done!

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I agree, that elephant looks amazing

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Awesome job! That is something I definitely want to get into is printing Lithopanes!

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Thank you lithophanes are my favorite things because they are always different haha

So much fun took me a little bit to get my settings dialed in but definitely happy with it :smiley:

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Very nice work! I find the curved ones print better for me :slight_smile:

T folks


These look awesome :smiley:

Another box made for a friend :relaxed:


That’s awesome, the Black looks very good.

oohh so nice, I am an absolute newbie and this is what I bought a printer for. Now i just need to figure out how, lol!

Hi @mahouse

Welcome to the forum, There are a few people here that do these boxes, Feel free to post up any questions and we will get you figured out.