Livestream My 3D Printing

Anyone else geeky enough like me that they live stream their printers so users can see what is going on or to keep track of their prints? Anyone got a better way?

Here’s the link to my printer! it’s currently printing a RC Stand for doing shock and differential rebuilds!


Hi @bcaza welcome to the forum. I would have to say yes there are others, now weither they admit to it or not maybe another thing… LOL

In all seriousness. I know of others here that use a lot of octiprint to keep an eye on what’s going on but not sure about the live stream. I think its a neat idea.


I’m team Octoprint like @Jason mentioned, I just like to monitor it from afar to make sure everything is still chugging along fine.

I’ve considered live streaming some of my prints but it seems like alot of work for something I would personally seldom use.
I actually like to keep most of my printing quiet, I tend to only show people maybe 1 out of every 100 prints I do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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