LK2 Trouble Shooting Printer Dies During Print Loading


Looking for some direction with a problem with my now 3 year old Longer LK2 Printer.
It has been working like charm until last night.
I have tried a variety of gcode files, thinking the problem was from a new version of Cura. No change in behaviour.
Select a file to print from the micro sd card, the progress bar increases to 99%, then the control screen goes black (like a sudden power off) then back on and the bed and hot end begin to cool.
I have a short video of the behaviour.
Here’s a link to show what I am trying to describe.
Would appreciate any help or suggestions. I have some work lined up, but can’t print.



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Weird, have you updated firmware latley?

Tried a different SD card?

I want to think there must be some correlation to the position of the printer that maybe is causieng a short. So when it moves it resets.

Have you done any maintenance to it latley?

Weird for sure,

The head is not moving when it happens.
The head is already at the home point.
It only seems to happen when loading a print job.
Firmware is stock from 2018.
No other mods.