Logout button please

How about a nice big ‘Logout’ button on every page

On 3dprintingspace or the main 3dprintingcanada website?



Why, do you actually leave? Shocking! :scream_cat:

paranoia…LOG IN…must LOG OUT. Now where did I leave my tinfoil hat?

Hi @way2manyprojects
If you must, you can log out via the menu located in the top right - just click on your display picture (the W).

Once you click that, you can can click the profile icon (the person) - indicating the menu for your profile and there should be an option to Log Out there.

I don’t want to play ‘Where’s Waldo’ in order to do a simple logout… why hide it in a sub-menu? Imagine if NASA hid the ABORT button…

Completely agree with you. I’ll speak to the higher ups (developers) to see if there is a way to change that.

Personally i don’t care. But it is hard to find, if it were under the hamburger menue it might be more sensible.