Long support help time?

Hello, new to this forum and to 3d printers. I have a one month old Creality Ender V2 neo printer that has a non-working x axis, and am trying to get support from 3D printing Canada, but the support is taking a long time.

Just curious if anyone else has had dealings with the support technicians and if so how long I can expect it to take to get my printer going again?


HI @cmmayer

Welcome to the forum, I am one of the techs here at 3D printing Canada. We try our best to clear our tickets quickly. Usually, it’s the troubleshooting that takes the longest. We are trying to get our customers to post up here and we can address it for the world to see and hopefully help more than one at a time.

Please bear with us, we will get you figured out. Would you mind describing the problem here and seeing if I may be able to solve it?

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Thanks Jason for your quick reply. I did end up hearing yesterday from the technician with a resolution, so in the end I was a bit hasty in writing on this forum. It was only because there was a period of no response so I got concerned. Thank you again.

All is good, there are only a couple of us here but we do get back to everyone, Its a very busy support time for us as there are a lot of new printers sold over Xmas and this is when the support requirements go through the roof. We do our best to keep up. Sorry about the frustration.

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