Looking for CR-20 Pro firmware in .BIN

Hey all, I am currently trying to flash the firmware on two CR-20 Pros, one with BL Touch and one with CR Touch. I tried flashing with a .HEX file using the SD card but it didn’t seem to take.

I’m wondering if anyone can point me to a firmware version in .BIN format.

Well it seems that I mistook these CXR-20 Pros for having a 32-bit board, my bad.

I have flashed the printer with various firmware versions however I continue to have issues with autohoming or moving any of the axes. Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

I’m pretty sure the stock board in the cr-20 pro is an 8 bit board. It has been a while since I have tinkered with my old one that is sitting in my parts drawer but my understanding was that you compile the firmware through the Arduino IDE and write it to the board or some similar procedure of plugging the board into a computer and uploading the firmware through a com port like it’s an arduino. It doesn’t get flashed with a bin file on an SD card like 32 bit boards do.

Hey Blair, thanks for the reply. I believe you are correct, it has the ATMEGA2560 chip on board.

I managed to flash a few different firmware versions (Marlin and Creality 1.1.6BLTouchv3.1) but to no avail.

Before flashing I could manually choose to move the X, Y, Z axes but now… nothing moves.

BTW, have you ever seen this ‘Stopped’ error…

Stopped Error

I am not familiar with that error. Shortly after getting my CR-20 pro I replaced the board with and SKR Mini E3 V2 followed by an SKR 2 so I never went through the process of changing firmware on the stock board.

Thanks for your replies Blair. I’ll keep looking.