Looking for new hot end options

I am looking for suggestions!

First off Happy New Year!

I am getting tired of my retrofitted cube pro E3D V6 getting jammed. It’s a constant issue and I believe it is partial slicer issue mostly hardware issue.

I’m dealing with an interesting setup as I’m using the stock direct drive extruder with the E3D V6, I have attached pictures of what I’m dealing with. The greenish coupler uses a single fin of the stock hotend heatsink to attach the V6 end to it, I can continue to use the stock direct drive if a V6 compatible hotend is chosen.

My question to you lovely people on the internet is which hotend should I try now? Or even entire extruder setup? I can make something work with the gantry that’s in the printer with a customized plate or whatnot but I’m looking for suggestions!

Thanks and happy printing!

Wow, you are very creative! I will follow this thread. I want to use something similar!