Looking for some cool prints for large format printers

Hey everyone, Been building some Modix machines and looking for some larger prints I can print to test and showcase the printer’s capability. Can I get some suggestions of thing I can print,

Jason H

A model aircraft. They’re usually pretty challenging on account of the fact that, by the time you add batteries, engines, a controller, servos, landing gear and account for the fact that PLA/ABS, etc. are all fairly dense and heavy, the required wingspan ends up being pretty large which rules out most “normal” household printers.

I’m not suggesting you add the batteries, servos, etc., just print the body.

For demo purposes, it might be useful to make a planar cut across one of the wings to show that the internal structure is being printed-in-place. Similarly, take a cutout of from the body to show that the mounting points for the battery/controller/engine are all printed-in-place.

I’m assuming that by “showcase” you meant that you wanted this for a showroom, real or virtual.

Otherwise, model railroad trestle bridges are always impressive, especially if they’re curved. They should also print relatively quickly on account of them being mostly empty space. Throw in some uneven terrain and a river underneath for more effect and to show that the bridge can be custom printed to fit uneven ground. Mass-manufactured trestles are all built to sit on a flat table and the modeller has to cut them to suit their intended terrain.

Non-critical car parts like tail light covers, just to show the printer can handle real-world sized objects.

An Ender 5Pro. Seriously. Obviously, not a working one made from metal, but I’m visualizing a model of one of these micro-3D printers being “made” by a model of an Ender 5Pro, being “made” by a your Modix machine. If the Modix is large enough, you could even model something large enough to “make” the Ender 5Pro. Do you see what I’m getting at? A machine within a machine within a machine both as a neat visual effect and to show relative scale.

that’s an awesome idea. I think I may dip into the bridge as well, People who buy these machines are generally real world, Printing a printer would be a neet idea. could do the next step and break out the scanner and scan a real one.