Looking for thingsto print Ender 3

Hi all where are good reliable sites to download things to print for my ender 3?

Some of the most popular ones are:


Google “3D printables” and many more will come up.

Just go to yeggi.com It’s essentially a 3d search engine. It searches all of the 3d printable model sites at one time.


Woo Hoo, I created a thread for just this question,

Here is the thread

Thanks i actually managed to convert an stl file to gcode and printing it now gonna be a long job!

Done! My first success!


That’s awesome, Looks really clean, Nice job,

Many more to come.

Thanks very much i am doinga gold/silver one next.

Issues with this print any ideas what’s

caused it?

My first thought was the randomized z seam setting being enable coupled with to little/slow retraction. I know I had that issue with octoprint as well when printing from files on the local server instead of the SD card. That was caused by to slow communication between server and printer, which resulted in the print head pausing occasionally, resulting in defects very much the same as what you show.

What should i be doing?

Your best friend is youtube to learn about CURA settings. When I first started I didn’t print anything until I watched a ton of videos on how to do things. And spent a lot of time learning about CURA settings and what they do.

MFM mentioned about z seam location and retraction which are settings in CURA. I does apear that it is set for randomize and you can adjust that setting to locate the seam where you want it. Those liitle spots are the point where the nozzle stops and starts a new layer. You can also adjust retraction which sucks the filament back into the nozzle for a set distance that you can control. Retraction helps reduce those spots.

Here are some more pics for anyone who knows what the issue is, I have been told all sorts of things on FaceBook and don’t have a clue where to start!
It looks as if it has been attacked by wood worm on the right hand side only.
I am using Creality Print for slicing and exporting, should I change to Cura?

Creality Print is basically an older version of Cura with a different skin on it. I would definitely recommend switching to the latest version of Cura.

I have switched thanks for the help.

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if you are still having the issue, Rotate the object in your slicer 180 deg and reprint. If the problem moves to the right side, the Problem is in cura, If the problem stays on the left, the Problem is mechanical.

I am suspecting this one is Cura. I would be willing to guess if you watch the print the “zits” will be one of 2 things.

The first one, as was mentioned above it will occur on a layer change
second, the printer will “pause” for a moment before moving on, this is where the zit occurs.

If the answer is the first, try one change, Print the outer parameter first, and see if that changes the symptom. Tells you that you are going down the right path.
If the answer is the second one you are more than likely dealing with a crushed nozzle. Replace it and run the same Gcode and see if anything changes.

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Thank you!

Another idea - try a different slicer.
I recently tried Prusa Slicer, and the results are impressive. Definitely improved the overall quality of my prints.
Might help :man_shrugging:

I tightened the belt the one that runs left to right and now get supurb prints!


That’s awsome, Glad you got it figured out.

Looking great now