Looking to buy tevo tarantula

hi there. if you have seen my other posts you’d know my tevo tarantula is pretty screwed I’ve tried many versions of firmware which honestly made it worse because I have a reprap discount controller that doest like to work and thinking about dropping it off the roof won’t do anything. so does anyone have a tarantula lcd screen or full printer to sell?

I have an older model that works, well I have not run it in months.
It has an upgrade to a dual extruder but all parts still have if wanting to change back.
What you looking to spend?

it all really depends could you possibly dm me a few pictures and I don’t want your address yet but your city or a nearby landmark, thanks.

I am at work right now, pictures will be later this afternoon.
Hamilton location.

ok thank you very much.

do you have pictures yet or a price?