Loose side walls

Here’s a fun thing, on my newest print I have loose sidewalls, I can peel them back, the prints are really clean but the side walls aren’t melted into each other.

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I want to say it’s under-extrusion, looks like you have a bit on the top surfaces as well.

Have you checked for a minor clog or calibrated your esteps and flow?

Looks like under extrusion. have you set your E-steps recently? Also another thing someone mentioned is that maybe the filament in thinner that it’s supposed to be.

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My extrusion passes the 100mm test exactly as it should, and my filament measures out to around 1.745

First things I checked.

Could the nozzle be moving too fast maybe?

Well yes I suppose, I think print speed if it’s exceeding the ability to supply a volume of plastic would be the same as under extruding. Is your slicer set to fill gaps? Depending on your settings it may not fill the gaps between walls, thats the only other thing I can think of.

Does it look alright in the slicer preview?
Just seems like the gaps are larger than I expect for under extrusion.

How is the layer adhesion? I’m wondering if a temp bump might help.

Just a sami-educated guess here, but have you tried reducing your fan speed? You don’t want to harden the filament before it has a chance to bond with adjacent filaments.

So I increased temperature and decreased speed, that helped a bit.
Then I decreased the offset of the outer layer. That seemed to fix the issue of the layers being separated.


I would double check the settings for nozzle size, I had one set to .6 but running a .4 and the same thing happening,