Love hate relationship

Sometimes ya just wanna throw the printer across the room.

Sorry… just venting…

Im currently wanting to do that too XD. I cant seem to get the value pla to extrude right. First i thought it was over extruding, so i did a extrusion calibration. Got like 73% :S it was pretty bang on, but then i was having trouble with z banding.

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I have the same. I bought my Prusa planned to build the kit loved the process. I had a big project bought the Artillery x1. It didn’t print out of the box the process was holding up a second project holding up a collaboration… November to now and I think I have some of the problems sorted. I had to pay to print the parts I needed…

If I didn’t have so much invested in it I might have lit it on fire already.


No matter how experienced you are everybody goes through those days with 3-D printing


I have that currently with my Anycube Mono. Can’t get stuff to stick. So I cleaned it up and will revisit it when I’m ready LOL it’s in timeout.

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I keep putting the Artillery X1 in the corner of the basement for a time out. LOL @Dgsbbq I guess that it just a thing we share. When I am really frustrated I toss a blanket over it too.

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Yea same with my tarantula lol

I find the value pla prints best at 200c 60c bed