Loving my New 3d printer from 3d printing Canada

This is an awesome printer. Great for beginners. Easy to set up and use, I was doing a pre sliced print from the provided SD card in 10 mins of opening the box.
Cura was easy enough to set up following the instructions provided one recommendation I have is to set the retraction to 2MM 7MM is way to much.
I’m going to purchase a Magnetic PEI Build Plate to replace the glass bed its a personal preference the glass bed works fine.
Thanks 3d printing Canada .


Is that computer table your normal build surface? Do you see any problems with shaking?

I imagine that it has wheels and may not be the most rigid platform. I’m mentioning it because somebody else here is having problems with running their printer in a cabinet.

Nice that everything is working so well for you!

Hi it is my normal build surface the desk has feet not wheels and is secured to the wall behind it so there is no shaking .

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