Lowest Priced Resin Printer?

I notice the price of Resin Printers keep coming down. What is the lowest you can get one that works?

Hey Willy, take a look at this link for some very affordable working resin printers!

Thanks Tony, I’ll take a look.

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Lowest… *** Warning ! ***

If you are asking for the “lowest” then I assume you want a “hobby printer”

Short version:
My opinion is to go with of 1 of the 2 Creality models mentioned by Tony but make sure you check the “print volume” is big enough for you and be aware the printing, washing and curing process produces smelly fumes…

Longer version:
Resin printers can print in great detail but the print volume is small.
Check the print volume… For a bit more you can print larger.

With resin printers they are parts that occasionally need to be replaced. Depending on your use and how you handle the printer you may have to replace the LCD screen, tank/vat, etc… Get a printer that parts are easily available.

Also be aware resin printers give off smelly fumes… Some printers have filters that reduce the smelly fumes. After the part is printed it needs some washing and curing. Washing (IPA alcohol) and curing give off smelly fumes.

For hobby printers look at Creality, maybe Elegoo, maybe AnyCubic

My opinion is be aware of the print volume and that in the printing, washing and curing process you may have to deal with smelly fumes (open window? in the garage? get a charcoal base air purifier).

I would lean towards Creality if the printer volume is good for you. Parts and user support are available.

Sorry for being verbose and partially off topic…
I made my own charcoal and HEPA filter combo for printing ASA & ABS filament. It would work for a resin printer that I am thinking about getting. With a detachable 4" flex hose I will be using it for soldering which produces smoke, smells, and particulates.

I do not have a resin printer but a good friend of mine does and he talks about it. The word “smell” comes up often !! We both have 3D filament printers.

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I just got a resin printer at work. I too was worried about the smells. Seems i was a little too worried.
Yes they smell more than FDM’s but nothing that is worse than your neighbour who loves his/her cologne.
My office is open concept and I have regularly canvassed on the smell and Have never had a complaint.