M4 screw won't go in

I’ve just finally added the lead screw in and when started to tighten the screws that connect the z motor and bar together the right side and fell of. When tried to screw it back in it aligned perfectly but will not go in at all. Could you help me

Looks like you may have stripped out the threads in the aluminum.

The easiest way to fix it is to use a drop-in T-nut and a shorter bolt

Parts I have are listed below, You would only need a pack of each


Hope this helps

So my recommendation is to just unscrew that Z upright bar and flip it the other way looks like Jason is right you stripped the screw

Rather than the twist Tee nuts, wouldn’t the spring loaded ones

be better?

I don’t like the twist ones because it’s too easy to apply too much torque and end up bending the V-Slot rail.

HI Myke

The only reason I suggest them for this application is for ease of getting the Z motor in or out for maintenance, The drop-ins will come out with the motor and the other ones stay in the extrusion and I find most of the time will lose traction on the extrusion and drop to the bottom. Just my personal pref that’s all, Other ones will work.

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