Mac computer driver for 3d printers

Hey brilliant Humans,

I think I have discovered why I can’t update the firmware on the artillery X1. I think I need a driver to communicate with it.

Are there Mac users out there that have been able to connect software to printer (artillery x1)? I can connect to the prusa no issues at all, but they actually have a driver that gets installed. I would guess any Rambo will be fine.

I installed Homebrew

I installed avrdude

I am stuck now.

And ask girlfriend to use her work laptop PC… instal prusa slicer and in 3 mins have the firmware done.

Answer is use a PC. It isn’t easy with a mac (Prusa excluded it is Mac compatible)

I feel a bit dumb for being so single minded.

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Unfortunately not a lot of people use Mac computers most people used PC for 3-D printing there is support for Mac unfortunately I don’t have any answers when it comes to Mac sorry about that

@PJprincefpv yes clearly. I think the consumer is changing, I hope the industry responds.