Mac Mini & Monitor Secure Mounts

Made these 2 prints with a Wood PLA, Enhanced their colour with stain & gave them a few coats of a clear coat :slight_smile: They’re both secured in place with Velcro, fur the kitties that pounce all over hahaha they’re good about my desk, this is more of a fun “Just in case”

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wow the wood filament looks really good. How is it to stain that?

that’s exactly my thought glenn, its looks awsome

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looks like rough cut like you’d get from a circular saw mill.

Really easy, I used a foam brush & a type of stain that’s oil based so the fumes were minimal + had pretty good air circulation while working. The clear coat really brought out the shine of it :slight_smile:

I read somewhere if you print that with different temperatures in some layers you get a different look. have you tried that? Also what filament is this? Does it look like oak?

Yes, I have heard that also! That the wood particles in the filament show up differently when printed at different (especially higher) temperatures. Umm as for the filament, hold on, imma look it up:

It’s by a company called “MG Chemicals”, I couldn’t find it on their website, not sure if they sell it anymore:

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MG chemicals. I had no idea they made filament. They were a customer of mine. Spray cans of contact cleaner IRC.

I definitely want to try those wood filaments. Is there anything special on your printer to get it to work?

Hey there, Glenn. Nope I simply used the filament + my Slicer software’s recommended PLA settings :slight_smile: Hope that helps


yup I’m defiantly going to get some of this filament to try for fun stuff for the house.

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Hahaha, right on :slight_smile: have fun !

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I see it recommends a larger nozzle .5>
What size nozzle did you use for those prints?

0.4mm is my good to :slight_smile: