Machining a 3d printed part

Has anyone tried turning or milling a 3d print in a lathe or cnc? Any luck/tips?

I turn stuff frequently and it depends on the plastic PETG is ok for light touch-up but PLA machines pretty well., use sharp HSS and higher speeds than you would use for PC, watch it doesn’t heat up. and you can use coolant. I grind mine to 25° with 15° on the sides and leave a small radius. like 1/32 or so maybe a little bigger. I print with extra walls where I have to machine it after. Use carbide for filled materials and higher speeds still but I’ve not been able to get a good finish my machine only goes to 1500rpm though

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I have not tried this but I do know that people mill out nylon carbon fiber and PA cast Nylon so it’s totally doable