Magnetic bed plate BiquB1

I received a warranty replacement magnet for my bed and installed it today. It came with good tape on the back. much better than whatever Bigtreetech used on the original one but the magnetic mat itself is really weak. For the first time ever the bedplate came off the magnet just removing a cold print from it. How would you know how good the magnetic sheets are if you wanted to order one. there are no specs.

Isn’t a magnetic sheet good enough if it doesn’t move during printing? That it came off easily when you tried to remove the print, I would see as a good thing.

In this case, the object I was printing (railroad turntable) had a large, flat bottom surface. The magnetic sheet stuck so tightly to the build plate that I permanently creased the sheet trying to lift it off. This was only the sheets second or third print.

Well I think this actually did move a bit in the print actually. Also when I print PETG or ABS it might pull the sheet off and let the part warp. I have abs to print tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out. Getting that 3m tape off the bed for the next plate is not going to be fun.

I’ve never had the sheet stick too tightly to the magnet before. Was it sorta melted into the magnet?

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I was printing Polycarbonate. No, the polycarbonate was able to be removed from the sheet cleanly, so I wouldn’t describe it as being melted on. The turntable had a fairly thin edge to cover the hole in the table it was going into, so I didn’t dare try lifting it by that so I had to try and lift it entirely by lifting the corners of the sheet.

usually on mine when the sheet is fully cold the part has no longer adhered to it. I didn’t wait for it to be at room temperature and the part still popped off easily but it also took the plate with it

That happens to me with glass and most PLA’s don’t take much effort to separate, but the PC stuck like glue. As did the PLA-F (which is not “Flexible”).

I bought one of the flexable fridge magnet type build plates from creality and comparing it to a spring steel sheet… Id pick a spring steel sheet. The ridgity of the spring steel feels better to me, though its still attached to the build plate with a fridge magnet style sticker, i feel it has enough “stick” to feel comfortable.

Mind you i was introduced to the steel sheets from my prusa mini where the magnets in the buildplate are strong enough to almost lift the printer by the removable steel sheet alone.