Magnetic surface

So I noticed my magnetic surface was starting to delaminate from the bed and didn’t think anything of it figuring I’d just glue it down again but now I see the material itself is degrading and getting little splits in it.

And I thought it was just me. I ended up having to clamp it to the build plate.

I didn’t really expect the glue to hold during all the heat/cool cycles but I’m surprised it’s become friable. a piece actually fell out at the front,

In my case, I was printing PolyCarbonate. The first print went really well, but subsequent prints kept having problems and the more I tried, the more the print surface separated from the magnet. The good news is, since I clamped it in place and let it cool, the surface has re-glued itself to the magnet. However, it’s anything but smooth. It prompted me to try glass.

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Hello you Two,

I’ve seen similar things happen with pre-applied matts. The BIQU Blue steel and Creality Black mats seem to loose magnetism after repeatedly being at 60-70C

I’ve made the Mistake of leaving the Bottom part of the Magnet on one of my Ender 3 Pros, and Placing Glass on top. Was running the bed at 80C and the magnet fused itself to the Glass. I ended up having to scrape the magnet off the Aluminium heat surface and tossing glass, magnet out.

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Interesting. My mats, like me, did not lose their magnetism that easily. I was up over 100C and the magnetic portion of the mat stayed put, but the build surface started to become more unglued than my in-laws.

I also have my glass plate sitting directly on the bottom part of the magnet. I haven’t had it up to 80C, so I’ll have to watch out for that. Thanks for the warning.

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Yeah mine too. no loss in magmatism. but I’m missing a piece now. @Keith Do you have these in stock?

Sorry for long Delay Glenn,

do you mean?

I’m Out of the Heated Beds for the BIQU B1, Sorry.

No, actually I need the magnet stuff. Also a thermister for the nozzle. I had a shopping cart with a bunch of stuff in it and had one picked out and I see it’s been purged…

You can use the magnet from the Creality one. It’s the same Magnet, just also comes with Black PEI top:

or much better quality magnet:

Thermistor is:

very good i’ll get one of these on order. Thanks

Edit… heh no stock . you guys ok ?

Yes Glenn, I Just PM’d you with stock options