Make Your Halloween Creations Come Alive!

It’s the season of tricks and treats! To celebrate, Sunlu is offering huge off all our premium 3D printing filaments and UV resins like our ABS-like fast curing resin.

With our variety of filaments, you can print terrifying decorations and props for a haunted house or costumes and accessories for your Halloween costume. Glow-in-the-dark PLA and silk filaments available to make your prints spookier than ever.

Our ABS-like resin is perfect for jewelry, figurines, and miniatures. Make creepy charms, monstrous miniatures, or spells and potions bottles.

Don’t just buy a basic costume this year, make your Halloween truly unique with customized 3D prints and resin crafts!

Sale ends October 31st, so stock up while you can! Discover new ways to use our materials and bring your Halloween projects to life.

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