Maker Faire Calgary

So i just found out about the Calgary maker fair. Its May 14-15th and only $15 for both days. Im not really sure what to expect from it but ill be attending. If anyone else will be in the area feel free to shoot me a message and lets grab a beer.

Ohh and apparently prusa will also be there.

Very cool - would be good to see one in Toronto soon! COVID has really set things back a few years.

I may have to attend!

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Yes but then we would have to go to Toronto. Yuck!

Really cant argue about that. Though atleast its not Edmonton xD jks.



I’ve never been. If Prusa is going to be there, I might consider a day trip just to get a first hand update on the XL. My order shipping status still says “TBA”.

I couldn’t find Prusa’s schedule on their website. I thought they used to publish tour dates?

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well, that wasn’t so hard to find… :roll_eyes:

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Anyone know if there are any makers faires around Ontario, gasp, even Toronto. Desperation makes us do bad things!


Hopefully we see one in Ontario soon - even Toronto!

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You gotta check out the websites of makers hubs in Toronto.
Last I’ve seen they are all shut down because cooties, plus white quilt.
Seriously, for a STEAM thing, they got a lot of politics.
I’m asking you, in all seriousness, do you care what colour I am or with whom I sleep?

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Hey, @Ted I have to be careful of my answer,

I have to be aware that my answer is inclusive of all individuals and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I have to be careful not to affect your ability to be able to drive, see your family or hang out with your friends. I don’t want to force you to change your mind as to where you would like to be buried. I do not want to give you any type of disease or influence the way you dress or who you would like to marry.

Now that I have my disclaimer posted, My answer is no.

Besides, I’m a Newfie, we can pick on ourselves better than anyone else can.

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Divorcè Jason. Welcome to the angry-people club.
Dude don’t let it eat you up, define you, change you.

My daughter came to live with me at 15 under her own steam.
Vindication, brother.
It could happen for you if you don’t ruin ypur life with bitterness.

They follow the joy/money.

White, brown, black , yellow, red doesn’t matter but not green. Green people look like they are going to throw up you all the time.

If your sleeping with green people i may have a concern, but im not your supervisor.

My wife has an unusual green tint to her skin, instead of the usual pinkish, (for someone that is white) the result of the veins being closer to the skin the the arteries and capillaries.

That’s right bitches I’m married to an Orion Slave girl.

Please don’t tell her I said that. No really don’t tell her. She’ll hurt me! :grimacing: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :astonished: